Sunday, December 19, 2010


i got to Laos yesterday, and we met up with kone's older brother (half brother - from one of his dad's mia noys) and he has been showing us around. lotta fun i gotta say, and i am reminded why i keep coming to Laos time and time again. and i don't think i am biased here; even foreigners that have travelled southeast asia always say how they like Lao the best. we did all the requisite stops: that louang, patou xai, dog restaurant, and the morning market.

today we came up to vang vieng and we'll play around here a bit before heading up to luang prabang tomorrow.

and just so i'm clear: i didn't take the above picture. i tried to upload some here but this internet cafe's usb thing aint workin right.



What a bustling, amazing city!

Maly and Dan said...

did u see the mean lady that over charged us for the hotel room in Vieng Vang?...scammer! hope u saw her living on the streets cause she cheated people.