Monday, September 28, 2009

jrm and penn

so i will start this by hesitatingly admitting that i went to see the movie "julie and julia" last month. and it made me really hungry. but because we went to see it so late, there wasn't nothing open except red robin once we exited the theatre, so i ended up eating some burger and feeling some kinda sick (which was not the feeling i was aniticipating.)

but if you've seen the movie already, then you know what i'm talking about. (and even though the film seems to be marketed for women, i have been amazed by how many men have gone to see it and have come out just as hungry as i did.) the one complaint i will make: too many of the critics focused too much on the disparity between julie powell's depiction and the depiction of julia childs'.
(see the seattle times, the stranger) but they're just haters - talking about how amy adams was boring and meryl streep was incredible. i mean, streep is playing the part of this (kinda freakishly) eccentric woman, so obviously her part is going to be more memorable. so i say: amy, you did a great job and let me know if you got some free time to hang out on friday. i am available around 6 pm, but i am gonna be trying to go see 'capitalism: a love story' for the late show, so we can't hang out too long.

but here is the real point of this post: julie powell inspired me.

i now have access to a kitchen of suitable proportions, and i have this Lao cookbook that i have only used to make the same 3 recipes over and over again. (i will explain more about this later posts.) so i am ready to put myself out there for the challenge: ima bouts to make every recipe in the whole cookbook.

but i aint gonna do nothing like finish it in a year, but i will finish it... (i need to stop eating out so much anyway.) but don't worry, i will continue to post links to articles about vang pao and thuggin it in baton rouge, since that's why everyone (nobody) comes to my blog anyway. but now i will have a new feature called, jrm and penn (the author of the aforementioned cookbook.) you can get it on amazon, so feel free to follow... we can work our way through the green pages (all the pages in the book are inexplicably green!!!) together.

Monday, September 21, 2009

vang pao means free

i was kinda surprised to open my newspaper on saturday and find a little blurb about vang pao again. in case you aren't aware of him, look at my previous posts.

i thought he was gone away forever, but alas... he pulled through again! here's an article from the la times.,0,4697860.story

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Laos and china: bffs

the chinese chairman was overheard telling keobounphanh, "as long we get to cut down your forests and jungles and you keep letting us take all the wood for ourselves, then we'll be friends forever!"

See the article: