Wednesday, February 04, 2009


of course, i've never tasted beerLao, but when in Laos, i've questioned european/australian tourists about their opinion of the homegrown beer, and they've all given it the thumbs up. well, Laos is hoping to expand the beer's reach so you can purchase it at a corner store near you.

here is a link from the article from national public radio

the curious thing about beerLao, is that the Lao government is its producer. (this seems foreign to the american in me, but of course, i am on a life-long quest to remedy that malady... and i guess living in seattle is helping, because in washington, all liquor is sold in state-run stores.) but somebody named carlsberg just got a 50% stake in the company, and so it goes.... a round of capitalism for everyone (and on the house.)