Sunday, July 29, 2012


just wanted to put it out there that Laos is representing!

thanks to la for putting this graphic together... (i stole it off her facebook page!)

Sunday, July 01, 2012

the food pic

first check out this website that is actually kinda funny... and then read my comments below.

seriously... i will admit that i am white right here and now, and even i know that this phenomenon is not unique to asians.  i got all these white friends of mine that be posting some serious food pictures on facebook and instagram and twitter... (ok, maybe not twitter... by the way, what is twitter again?  and now that we're done with twitter, what in the heck is tumblr? and why is it missing an "e?"  is this a statement fo some sort, or is somebody lazy to write the whole word?)

so for proof - i submit some food pictures off of facebook posted by white people... 

ok... i was wrong. i only found these two pictures from white people.  one is of a market which is food related, and the other is... what is that??? is that even food?

on the other hand... i did find these few photos posted by one of my Lao friends over the past few days...

so maybe i am wrong... but i really think that the only thing this proves is that asians eat more photo-worthy food than white people.  i mean, who wants to see a picture of a squash casserole?