Saturday, August 25, 2012

hillary clinton visits Laos

admittedly, i'm a bit late on this one.  i've been busy with some blogging elsewhere (related to the presidential election,) but this has been on my radar for a while now. 

secretary of state hillary clinton visited Laos this past month, and in doing so, she pledged that the united states will support the ongoing efforts of bomb removal.  the usa is spending 9 million this year towards the efforts. 

but this is a great first step to our nation taking responsibility for the legacies of our clandestine war 40 years ago.  read this blog for an excellent look at that legacy and its consequences:

and of course, legacies of war website has great content as well:

here are two articles from (ny times and bbc) about clinton's visit:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

it's about durn time

i've been waiting for this all my life.  (well, it would probably be more accurate to say that i've been waiting for rooster sauce flavored doritos... but i will take what i can get.)  thank you emerson for this link:

also, did yall hear that macdoughs is gonna try out some curly fries?  is it possible that i died and went up to heaven?  don't tell me if i did.  but i've really been waiting for this one.  and when it shows up in your local golden arches, then yall all gotta thank the filipinos.  they got more than just jose rizal and manny to be proud of; they paved the way for the food achievement of the year!