Friday, December 10, 2010

a blue hawaii

I'm about to be very honest: although I would rather lie and say that I am having the best time of my life, i gotta admit that its a sad sad situation over here in hawaii. the rain keeps coming down and the beaches are about as fun as a fist in your face. luckily the rain is only forecast through sunday... oh, wait. that's the day that I'm leaving! yeah, i would like say that everything is sunny and awesome and that I'm enjoying my time on the beach. but its kinda like cheating at the scrabble on my phone: what's the point of a blog if i aint gonna tell the truth. besides, i think i am gauranteed some sunny days when I get to the philippines and Laos.

and i am still entertaining myself. i went to see my niece perform at the polynesian cultural center last night (she was in the lead role and had several nice tahitian solo dances,) and the rain was coming down on the stage, which added a nice intense element during the fijian fight scene. and at least the seats where we were sitting were covered. (here she is below - in the white dress)

afterwards, ko'olina (my niece) brought me backstage - which was pretty cool. so then i sat on the bench by the dressing rooms, playing scrabble on my phone, waiting for her to finish changing. i heard her wishing some people merry christmas, and then talking about something or nother as she was exiting the dressing room - and i had just made 25 points on my scrabble game! so i jumped up to walk with her so she could punch out, and i let her know: "i just made 25 points on scrabble!!!" she answered me with a limp, "that's nice." so i just walked with her to punch out, and told her to hurry, all the while looking at what points i could make next.

well, finally, i looked up to see what was taking so long, and then i had this sinking feeling: my niece had completely vanished! she had disappeared into the huddle of people around the time card machine... in reality, it really only took a second though before i saw her again, or at least, i saw who i thought had been her before: this girl, about the same height as my niece, same hair (kinda), voica kinda similar, but not the same person - she was not ko'olina. my face dropped about 20,000 leagues under waimea bay, and i quickly retreated back to the bench to wait for ko'olina and my self-image to return.

wow... i didn't even look at her when she exited the dressing room... i was so excited about my points on the scrabble game. (i am still undefeated on this thing. i don't even think i'm that good; everyone else is just really really bad.)

well, now for the moral: you're better off playing scrabble on your phone while driving on the freeway than you are while waiting for your niece to exit the dressing room.



As much as I love hearing all about your Hawaiian adventures, I was so hoping to see pix of you & da gurlz! Come on, don't disappoint!
I think I might print out the "Blue Hawaii" photo. Awesome!

D said...

did u really take that photo of the sky? If you did, kudos to u.

jrm said...

i didnt. i didnt take the photo. i didnt even take that photo of my niece... i pulled it from her facebook page (but that really is what she looked like, only i didn't get to sit that close to the floor.) ok, from now on i will (try real hard to) post only pictures that i took... so it doesn't lead to so much confusion. but i am not a good picture taker.

Ann said...

ha, ha, ha...I love that story! Hopefully that girl wasn't too creeped out by you.