Wednesday, December 15, 2010

china town

i went to china town, got fresh noodles at a spot recommended by my guidebook, and checked out the sights.

then i found manny pacquiao hanging out among the newest shipment of flat screen tvs. when he's not boxing or being congressman, he advertises for 3D televisions i hear.

i have no idea what this advertisement might mean... i can't even begin to guess. but i think i might call the number just so i can find out.
i had planned on taking the monumental (the raised train you see here) to see the chinese cemetery, but nobody could clearly tell me which line to take. i kept getting different answers from everyone i asked. so i finally gave up and went across the street to a mall where i stumbled upon a karaoke lounge. there was the guy in there singing whitney houston's greatest love of all... and it was awesome. he sang the verses in this whispy falsetto, but when he hit the chorus, he belt out the song like he thought i was randy jackson coming to audition him for idol. (i get that sometimes.)

rumor has it that jack bauer started working here at this little mini-mart after losing his job with ctu.



Who are you staying with in the Philipines? Have you ever been there before?

katie said...

Hey Joseph! Enjoying your pics!

jrm said...

thank you, katie! i've been in Laos, so i haven't been able to post as much!

i am staying with kone and keo wl!!! read the previous posts... it explains it all.