Sunday, December 05, 2010

book lust to go

when i go somewhere, i like to bring along some books or novels about that country or that takes place in that country. so this is my list of books that i am thinking about for the upcoming trip to the philippines and Laos:

biggest elvis, by p.f kluge
this is a loaner novel from a colleague of mine (a teacher at the local high school, and the co-sponser of the khmer mien Lao club that i help out with). i really know nothing about it, but it is set in the philipphines and i am looking forward to checking it out. he said it's pretty good.

tears in the darkness, the story of the bataan death march and its afteramath, by michael norman and elizabeth m. norman.
i have two uncles, including my uncle ralph who i was named for, who experienced the fall of bataan during world war two. and my uncle art died in the philippines in a japanese prison camp after undertaking the death march. this book is to better understand that history.

creating Laos, the space in between, by soren ivarsson
this actually maybe a little bit too academic for a vacation, but i'm taking it along anyway...

thirty-three teeth, by colin cotterill
i'd really given up on this series, but out of good will for the world's librarian, nancy pearl, who suggests the series in her book for travelers: book lust to go, i decided to give it another go. i've read the coroner's lunch (which is way better than the other cotterill book i've read,) anarchy and old dogs. they're detective novels with dr siri phaiboun as the unlikely hero. but don't get me wrong, they are fun - but i'm just not that into mysteries.

well, this is my list for now - i leave wednesday!



So have you found time for reading besides on the airplane?

jrm said...

I do a lot of the reading on airplane, but I will be on planes trains buses cars and in the tuktuks! So maybe I will get some reading done there too!