Friday, August 26, 2011

the magic string on a bag of rice

i aint even joking when i say there is a magic string on a bag of rice. lotsa yall know this already, but all bags of rice are stitched shut with this string thing - there's like three strings altogether - and if you find the magic string (the others are false leads like dead ends in a maze) and if you pull that one string, the whole bag will just open up and then you can get your rice out the bag. i was camping a bit ago and nobody could figure it out... one guy insisted that he'd seen is moms do it before, but when it got down to it, we had to use a knife to cut the strings. people were getting hungry for their rice so we couldn't wait there forever while he tried to find the magic string! and here is a picture of him trying to do just that:

well, i figured everything is on youtube, so i thought that when i get back i gotta get on the youtube and see if somebody got something to tell me how to do this... and here's what i found -- bag is from thailand, but not the teacher!

well, it takes him so long on that second string (and i had no idea what he was even doing cause i couldn't see nothing) that i kept yelling at him through my computer screen: "open it with a knife already!!!" that video wasn't much helpful, so i looked some more and found this one. thai rice with a thai teacher, (woo hoo! i can understand!) and only 1 minute open time...

he even does a "beup!" sound effect when he makes the
scissor cut. i like this one a lot. but seriously, can anybody post something in english?

i feel like this is a long time coming. i need to be able to do this. problem is, i just opened my rice (jasmine and sticky), so it may be a while before i get through all 25 lbs so i can practice. (unless somebody out there just bought a bag and needs it opened...)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

one more reason for china to be anxious about taiwan

lebron james participaed in a basketball game while on some nike tour of asia.  here is what happened:

i think america's basketball prowess just got downgraded by the s&p to an AA+ rating...
here is an article about the incident:

thanks emerson; i stole this link from your fb page...

Friday, August 05, 2011

i am Lao

here is a pretty awesome song called "khoy pen Lao" (i am Lao,) and it mostly talks about Lao food, rice liquor, and bugs that Lao people eat. and it has my favorite line: i eat sticky rice, chew it with the chunky padek.

well, one of my clients informed me that this is the ring tone he set for me, so every time i call, he answers singing this song... well, obviously i am honored by the designation. but i'm kinda confused as well. i thought i made it clear that i wanted to be mien.

(i almost got this song memorized... one verse left to go.)