Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the tree of life

ben said, "you gotta see it in the theatre - if you watch it on dvd, you'll get distracted."
i say, "see it in the theatre more than one time."  i'm going again on next tuesday to see the best movie of the year; in fact, why don't they just hold the academy awards tonight? and then they could give all the awards to this one right here:

but i should give you a word of caution: this movie aint for everyone; it aint like nothing you ever seen before.  i hear that some people have gotten up and left the theatre, thinking that the movie is more like some preview that never ended.  read moira's review and you'll see what i mean.

so meet me at the egyptian on capitol hill at 8:00 pm if you're fixing to come watch it on tuesday.  show starts at 8:15. see yall there. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011


yes chandra... 78 minutes.  i got my info from a faulty source.  regardless, joseph gordon-levitt got 500 days, and all we get is a little over an hour?  can't wait for autumn...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

66 minutes of summer


so seattle is making me mad. i wait all year for july, and then it gets here and all we get is 66 minutes of temperatures above 80 degrees, and only 19 hours of temps above 75 degrees. it just aint right... ima file a law suit.  and everywhere else is getting 100 degree temps!  wow. thanks alena for making me aware of how miserable this summer is turning out to be.

does any of yall wanna go to Laos for the summer?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

russell is asian

dear you-know-who-you-are:
this really aint important, but seriously... how could you watch the whole movie and not know that russell is asian. i realize that his race is not a part of the plot, but seriously... i mean, i know that he is a cartoon and that all cartoons look alike, but seriously? and they even show his mom at the end, and she ain't got a baseball cap like russell to cover up her asian-ness...and plus, you said it was one of your favorite movies? seriously...

but i need to reiterate: i know it aint all that important (other than it's pixar's first asian casting in a leading role; see wikipedia for that one,) but it is kinda important for jordan nagai, a japanese american, and the child voice actor for russell... and what's more, you wouldn't even believe me when i told you, so you had to text message your friend that works at pixar??? (but i gotta admit - that is pretty cool that you know someone who works at pixar. i only know folks who are out of work mostly.)

well, anyway... here is a picture of a kid who clearly knew that russell was and ever will be asian:

Friday, July 08, 2011

cambodia's curse

below is the link to a book review of a new book on cambodia. while most of the book is on the modern state of cambodia, the author has a section on cambodians in america and how ptsd can be passed on generationally.

i haven't read it,(nor have i read several other books that i bought about cambodia.) but i saw it on the shelf down at powells two fridays ago, and i thought, "wow, another book on cambodia?" not that you can have too many books on cambodia, but really... you kinda can, especially if you haven't read the 10 or so that you already have.

but if i do eventually purchase and read this book, i will say more, right here on this blog...