Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas in Laos

just a quick post since i haven't been online for sometime now. i was out in the countryside, and i just got back a bit ago... i actually spent christmas out there in the baan nok - which is kind of funny considering how many places i could have celebrated christmas (like the philippines, or any of the big cities in Laos and thailand would've at least had decorations up around the town.) it just so happened that my schedule landed me in the southern most part of Laos where most people haven't even really heard of christmas. but before anyone feels sorry for me, i had a really nice time down there. i went to visit a family that used to live in the usa, but chose to leave urban seattle for rural Laos. they have electricity now, but that one little bulb wasn't enough to keep my from going to bed with the nightfall and waking up with the sun. well, i did stay up long enough to eat koi pa with khao niaow and cheo pong. i'm sure i've said this before, but there really is something so mesmerizing about rural Laos - all the sounds of the bugs and chickens and pigs and cows. and the neighbors stopping by to join you for some khao piak pet and ping pa...i didn't take many pictures, because i was focused on getting video. but i have some pictures i'll be posting soon.

merry christmas and happy new year.


Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year!!
New Year's 2011 Fireworks Celebrations Around the World
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katie said...

I'm glad you're having a great vacation! You deserve it!!

EB said...

You better hurry up to post those videos of photos, I want to see them.


I like that Christmas ornament with the elephants.

jrm said...

i know! i got the picture off a website, so i guess i could buy one... but considering i never set up a tree, i don't see the point.