Friday, June 25, 2010

camera camera

here is a trailer for a new documentary that just premiered at the la film festival about travel in Laos; see the synopsis below.

CAMERA, CAMERA - Trailer from malcolm murray

westerners young and old arrive in Laos, and so do their cameras. they document a fragile and deceptively brutal world, revealing themselves in the process. CAMERA, CAMERA quietly calls upon viewers to ponder the multifaceted and often ambiguous impacts of travel and photography on citizens of two worlds.(directed by malcolm murray. written by michael meyer. produced by josh haner.)

i don't think i will editorialize this time. here are links to some reviews about the movie:
this article is especially poignant. and watch the clip posted alongside this nytimes essay:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"just stop walsh!"

uh... i jaywalked at this same exact intersection just last week. no lie. i didn't want to. i wanted to take the bridge, but my colleague (who will remain nameless) peer pressured me into it. well, i am lucky because this clearly could've happened to me.

another quote: "hey, did you get the part on camera when he hurt-" "-where he socked her? i saw that *%#%!"

Monday, June 07, 2010


the u.s.a. gave Laos 650,000 bucks to fight drug trafficking. i found the comments on the article interesting - here is the first one:

"Lao government is not going to do anything, only accept the u.s. money to put in their pockets."