Friday, October 29, 2010

southland tales

so yall already know this, but i just found out. (thanks jason and erika). one of the final contestants from project runway season 8 is Lao! represent!! anyway, he didn't win, which means that there ain't 2 project runway winners from Laos. a previous winner from season two, chloe dao, is from Laos, although she is ethnically viet. andy south woulda really begun a Lao dynasty of winners for ths show! (a big number 2!!!)

well, like i said, he lost. and he also lost the rest of his name. apparently, he used to be andy southiphong, but he or somebody else trimmed off the last two syllables of his name and tossed it to the floor like discarded scraps of cloth from one of his project runway creations.

but i guess he stayed true to Lao culture and all things Lao by ordering cloth from Laos for his final creation and dedicating it all to his mother. i've never watched the show, but it seems pretty interesting. they make clothes out of nothing, (or something in this case) and here is how andy's final line turned out, and at the bottom of the page you'll find a recap of the final episode -


Janet said...

I meant to inform you about this. I am a huge Project Runway fan. It's a great show because they have sometimes only one day to draw a design, buy the fabric and sew it all together to get it on the runway. You should watch an episode.

jrm said...

i think i need to get cable to watch that show... (which i don't have.) hahaha.

but if they got two Lao people on it, then it sounds like its gotta be good.

here is another link to an inteview with andy - apparently the gray of his outfits was inspired by the stone of an old buddhist temple he saw when he was a kid, and the green was the moss on the stone. that sounds a little ridiculous and made-up, but who knows what inspires anybody right? so whatever. (and thanks again to jason for this link!)

Katie said...

You can watch project runway on for free, joseph! no excuses for you ;)

Lauren said...

I love this show. When Andy said he was from Hawaii and Chloe from Texas I didn't even give it a 2nd though. I didn't know they were Lao!