Friday, October 01, 2010

"one of my best friends was jewish"

did he really say that? (rick sanchez tried to defend his anti-semitic rant on jon stewart and the "jewish liberal media" by using the classic phrase.)

and then my other favorite line: in defending his assertion that jon stewart is a bigot, he says, "well, that's what happens when you watch yourself on his show everyday, and all they ever do is call you stupid." (in case it doesn't make sense to you either, it seems like rick thinks that because he's latino, if someone says he's stupid, then that person must be bigoted.)

see rick run, see rick open his mouth and insert foot, see rick lose his job at cnn. well, one of my best friend's is is jewish too (jon stewart) and i am blown away by this hot mess of an interview that rick sanchez did on pete dominick's radio show.

dr. laura, move over, here comes the new crazy: rick sanchez. listen to him self-destruct below:


Anonymous said...

Not a career wrecker. It sounded like envy over different economic backgrounds more than anything. It also showed a lack of being able to place oneself in someone else's shoes, certainly there is still in places severe antisemitism in the US, rears it's ugly head often enough.

Jealousy also perhaps in having a comedian be the most trusted voice in what is supposed to be a serious profession.

John Stuart and Colbert are two of the people on TV I will look for on you tube and watch.


Anonymous said...

Guess not, he's fired.

Wish it would happen to Morning Joe or some real race baiters like Rush or Hannity, oh well, every dog has it's day.


Anonymous said...

Sanchez is nuts. Why does Jon Stewart need to relate to his audience? He's a comic, his only job is to make people laugh.

jrm said...

yeah, sick ranchez is just feeling sorry for himself because he is bashed on the daily (pun inteneded) and doesn't have anything to come back with. and seriously, i love the race card, but this is not the time to play it.