Monday, October 18, 2010

Jai Lao foundation

i attended a great fundraising event on saturday in graham washington. jai lao foundation works to build schools for elementary-age children in Laos. they've had some great success already, with more to come! great job yall!!!

jai Lao supporters and officers outside of thai mekong restaurant in graham.

jai Lao made padek to sell and it all sold out... i didn't get none. which aint right.

to find out more about jai Lao and their mission, visit:

or on facebook:


liveloveyoga said...

sabaidee... I found your blog from Top Lao Sites and I love your blog name! Thank you for this post on Jai Lao. I'm the only Laotian (actually Lue) yoga teacher I know of :) and have been wanting to connect to an organization that was doing some good! This was perfect! Kop Jai!

jrm said...

haha! thanks for the comment! and i am glad you could learn about jai Lao. i am hoping to travel with them on one of their missions one f these times! it is a great organization.