Thursday, October 21, 2010

all "hispanics" look alike, unless they look asian.

it is pretty amazing that anyone would vote for sharron angle over harry reid (searchlight in the house! or the senate in this case.) she continues to open her mouth and reveal her stupidity, (much like palin of snl-fame.) here is her latest: she told a group of latino students that she doubted that they were all "hispanic" because, "some of you look a little more asian to me!" which was met with gasps from the kids. wow.

and in trying to describe the melting pot that is america, she went on to make this incomprehensible statement: "i've been called the 'first asian legislator' in our nevada state assembly." melting pot or smoking pot? not sure which fits her better... wow #2.

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and she's got some negative ads up on the tv that claim that harry reid voted to provide viagra to convicted sex offenders? wow #3.

and this alongside juan williams anti-muslim remarks on fox news. i was really sad to see him fall from grace (dropping from the sky like middle-eastern missile.) i guess the take-away lesson for juan is that fox news brings the crazy out of all of us. see you later juan. npr fired you, which means i will never hear your voice again, because i sure as heck ain't watching you on no fox news.

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