Monday, May 10, 2010

seattle opera keeps it real

the seattle opera is premeiring amelia this week, and it is believed to be the first opera in america to be performed in viet and english. and according to some of the comments on the seattle times article, the viet part is the best part. but it looks like they went all out to properly represent vietnam and the language, so kudos to the seattle opera. i will ask my friend, stan hall, who is a season ticket holder, what he thought about it and post his review here in the next couple days...

see the link below for the video and article:

and here is more on this at


SM said...

You should consider season tickets yourself. Also, that is cool that Stephanie Meyer is in the Seattle opera.

jrm said...

HAHAHAHA! that is so funny that you say that about stephanie meyer, because i've been saying the same thing! woo hoo ha hah!