Tuesday, May 25, 2010

blue bayou

i have resisted posting anything about louisiana and the oil spill. in fact, i turn the radio off whenever news comes on about it - avoidance being my only defense against this mess. it's a tragedy that highlights the problems with oil exploration, and once again spells disaster for the people of the southern louisiana - and the whole coastal region of the gulf of mexico.

the vietnamese community down in louisiana is also affected. a documentary about their coming together after hurricane katrina airs on pbs this evening at 10 pm. see the link here for specific showtimes in your area. the website describes the film, entitled, a village called versailles, as "the empowering story of how the versailles people, who have already suffered so much in their lifetime, turn a devastating disaster into a catalyst for change and a chance for a better future"

hopefully, the gulf coast communities can come together after this tragedy as well.

here is an article link from voices of america about the situation and how it particularly affects the vietnamese fishermen down in louisiana:


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