Thursday, April 29, 2010

prison breaking bad

so a small note on a popular tv show that's turned unpopular. and by the way, has anyone even seen this show? (or should i say, seen it to its painful end?) prison break started off with this semi-cool premise of a guy purposely getting put in prison just so he can break out of prison (with his death-row inmate of a brother in tow)). and that's just season one. well... it goes on for three more seasons after that until they really run it in the ground in the fourth and final season. (and they probably would've kept going in the direction of middle earth had fox not pulled the plug in a death with dignity style decision.)
but let me get to the point of why i am bringing up this bad tv show on my blog. well, not far into the last season, we found out that the bad guy, "the general," is counterfeiting Lao currency with plans to flood their markets with it... and we see him, with a menacing look on his face, holding a Lao kip note in several scenes.

well, the Lao kip he's holding is none other than the 20,000 kip note. that's kinda funny because 20,000 kip is worth $2.40 with today's exchange rate, and it was worth even less than that last year when the episode aired. and its not like Laos isn't printing larger denominations than that.

but i guess it's not too strange considering that the per capita gnp for 2005 was $442. but anyway, as i've said in the past, you know Laos is coming up when it gets a nice place in the plot of a great tv show like prison break...


sandy said...

i watched that show first season, but the second season was boring, so i stopped. that is weird about laos though!

Ben said...

Do you think if PB made it to season 5 they guys would be stuck in a Lao prison? With PB and KOTH you've got two Fox shows with a Laos connection. Cool post and I can't believe no one has commented on your punny post title. Classic!

Oh and @Sandy I agree the show really slowed down after its first great season.


I doubt many viewers of "Prison Break" would have noticed the Laos currency. I've never watched it (I only watch Fox shows A.I., "Cops" & "America's Most Wanted,") but I know that would have definitely slipped past my attention span, lol. You should do consulting for these shows, Joseph.

jrm said...

the Lao prison idea would be interesting, but most likely redundant since they already did a "third-world" prison scenario in season 3.

yeah, i've been hoping with this blog i would be the go-to-guy for Laos connections in tv shows. and if i didn't know, i could always ask a friend (three of my best friends are Lao.)

and i need to hop up on koth. there is no excuse for my continued ignorance of this show.