Monday, May 17, 2010

bangkok dangerous

wow. red shirts, yellow shirts, thaksin vs. vejjajivait, it's all really confusing... most people have already heard about the recent violence consuming bangkok, thailand and killing it's land-of-smiles-and-etc tourism industry, but i thought i would post a couple of links anyway. i also read in the paper this moring that maj. gen. khattiya sawasdiphol did finally die after being shot while giving an interview to the nytimes reporter last week. but if you want to catch up on what's going on, the seattle times posted a good article this morning with a time line of events leading up to the recent escalation of violence. i have posted it with its link here.
here is an update from this morning on the situation there:
and here is a fascinating article detailing the king's silence amidst the conflict:


stacer said...

Thanks for the links. I have a friend living in Thailand right now (she's working for a charity, I think) and she's been posting on FB when she isn't at work because the streets aren't safe. But it's intermittent--some days are worse than others, from what I hear from her.

stacer said...

BTW, if you'd like to check out her blog, which has her perspective on what she's living through in Bangkok right now, it's at