Thursday, May 27, 2010

a quadratic equation

quadruplets... how many is that anyway? Lao people are coming up in a meaningful way. this is a nice article about a sacramento family with a lot of daughters born who look a lot alike - and it's their 7th birthday. (apparently the odds of identical quadruplets are only 1 in 11,000,000). the video link has a reporter saying "when you're all the same age, it's the birth order that matters..." well, i am interested to know who is really the oldest and who is the youngest. because i understand that in Lao tradition, when it comes to multiple births, the child born first is actually the youngest, because the older child would remain in the womb to help the younger one out first. thus the older-younger designation would be reversed in this situation. well, it makes sense to me.
see the link below :
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Another thing that makes this birth so amazing is that Asians have the lowest number of multiple births (African-Americans have the highest rate). So it is extremeley rare for a caucasion woman to have identical quads, let alone a Laotian. I actually remember when these little girls were born--it made national news so I must have heard about it on CNN, etc.
That's cool about the birth-order, youngest being the oldest. I've never heard of that.