Thursday, April 02, 2009


i went to a reception for a non-profit organization a few weeks back, and i was surprised that beerLao had already hit the shelves of local asian supermarkets. but here is the proof. i took these here pictures with the camera on my phone, so they aint the highest quality... but anyway.

(in case you don't remember, a while back i posted a link to an npr story about beerLao and its hopes of becoming an internationally popular brand. and maybe it will.)


D said...

if only I was a drinking lady, I would tell you how it taste.

jacob said...

I can now wear my BeerLao t-shirt with pride.

jrm said...

c'mon, you could always wear your beerLao shirt with pride... now you can wear it with reference! yeah, bhet, me too. but i heard its light and tasty. (i asked falang in Laos repeatedly, and that's what they all said. but i am not sure what that means honestly.)