Wednesday, April 22, 2009

so are you chinese or japanese?

the funny thing about this clip, is that i've been quoting it for years although i'd never actually seen it until today. (i should start by saying this clip is from king of the hill, and it shows the arrival of the new neighbors, the souphanousinphone family.) i'd heard about the episode and the Lao family that lived next door to the hills, and i've always thought that this particular scene was an accurate representation of the invisibility of some southeast asian groups in the usa. so i sometimes will reference it (without ever having seen it) when discussing cultural issues with the group i facilitate at the local high school in order to illustrate the stereotypes and cultural expectations of southeast asians. but its hilarious... especially the line, "man them chinese, you never can understand a word they say... mumble mumble mumble." (and thanks to lone for passing this along.)

here is the original link to the online discussion...

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