Tuesday, April 07, 2009

rotten tomatoes guy

so i was watching some rotten tomatoes at a friend's place over the weekend (i aint got cable). and i saw that the guy host, brett erlich, was wearing a shirt with...

where did he get that shirt anyway? any guesses as to what it says? i mean, i think it's "thank you" and with a "dueh" after it? like the restaurant in viengchan? i also "contacted" rotten tomatoes to ask about it, (see link below), and i would suggest yall all do the same so that they'll actually answer one of us. below is their website, and you can watch the show online! and here is their email address. but regardless, it shows that Laos is rising up into america's collective consciousness, and that soon we'll have a Lao-american president that will declare a holiday to celebrate the eating of padek.




Maly and Dan said...

hey i was at the lao new year in san diego and saw the movie call the betrayal-terakhoon. it was very good and i was trying to buy the movie.

jrm said...

but the subtitles were junk. i couldn't believe how bad the subtitles were!! isn't he your cousin? you need to put him in check hahaha! (the movie was beautiful beyond that.)

Anonymous said...

Joi--the shirt says "khop jai deu", but it's not from the restaurant in Viangchan. You can get those shirts from the t-shirt vendors at the Morning Market or at the outdoor markets in Luang Phrabang.


Anonymous said...

All I know is that Brett Erlich is yummy. I just want to lick him from head to toe

somchai said...

I've got the shirt and another like it that says "sabai dee pii mai" great in Thailand, they can almost figure it out, and sometimes do but it takes them a little bit.

About time they learned to read the language they used to write.