Tuesday, March 10, 2009

king county police: serving and protecting our community

i have been meaning to put this on my blog for a while. this is an ongoing problem with the police force. in my work, i hear stories about this kind of behavior regularly: tazing a kid when he is already in cuffs, allowing a police dog to bite a kid when he's already on the ground with his hands displayed... it goes on and on. the issue seems to be that we don't have enough cameras out there watching the police's every move, cause that seems to be the only time anyone does something about it - (maybe cameras on every corner would help deter the police officers and the law-breakers from their respective errant behaviors.)

here is the article from the seattle pi.


sshoemake said...

That just made me want to throw up! Sick sick sick! I don't care what that girl did as far as to get into jail, he had no reason to beat her like he did!

jrm said...

yes. it's bad. and this is just the one that we know about because it's caught on tape. it's not an isolated incident; more and more this seems to be the norm. i went to pick up a client 2 days ago, and by the time i got there, he was up against a police car being searched. (the police said he looked like a suspect; i am starting to hear that as much as kids saying, "i was holding it for a friend!" when caught with marijuana.)


I didn't need to read the article to know the girl stole her friends' mother's car for a joy-ride. She surely learned her lesson just by being caught. It is disgusting that a man, a supposed "officer of the law" believed that a "shoe-kick" which didn't even strike anyone, gives him the right to basically tackle a young girl & throw her to the ground & HIT her! If that cop is not terminated, what message does that send? If police officers can get away with brutality, why not everybody? (YIKES!)
A police officer in Baton Rouge was terminated 2 years ago for beating a man who was hosting a loud party. The man suffered a ruptured bladder & required 3 surgeries. The ex-cop was indicted recently (finally) for aggravated assault.