Friday, April 10, 2009

khao chii pate

now look at how everybody's trying to get on with some of this vietnamese sandwich. see the new york times article linked below. ima bout to head off to tony's to get me one. but i've taken to the bbq pork with the fried egg. its so good especially when they leave the egg a little runny. and for the extra egg, its still only 2.50! that's dealz! yep... gonna take my lunch now! (i left my soup at home by accident, so soup will be lunch tomorrow, khao chii pate will be lunch today!)

thanks to jacob for this here link.



Is that a padek sandwich?

jrm said...

no no no... haha! pate, not padek. these sandwiches are the (good) leftovers of the french occupation of "indochina" for all those years - so its a pate sandwich with a viet twist on it. and i should mention: jacob felt i wasn't giving the full story on the sandwich in that i neglected to mention that when i've eaten them in Laos, i have managed to get sick every time, (one time for 3 full days!) but that is because the pate is sitting out in the sun for hours and hours before being served up to the customer. but lemme tell you: sick or not, the sandwiches in Laos are unfailingly flavorful. so a little g.i. distress is a tolerable outcome when eating a sandwich that tastes that good.