Thursday, April 10, 2008

the sun is up in seoul

so i made it to seoul and i have a short layover. i am feeling more sluggish than i would've expected, but that could be cause i ate a whopper at the airport in seattle. i justified it cause i wouldn't be eating any beef once i arrived in delhi.

but despite that, i am enjoying the long flight; the plane sped along smoothly enough, and i brought 2 books to accompany me: a passage to india, and gandhi, his life and message for the world. the movies on the plane weren't that good, so i watched an unsubtitled korean action movie (you don't need to understand the dialogue for that kinda movie), and slept - three seats to myself! i left seattle with a few things undone, but i am quickly forgetting what they were.

the sun is still up here - coming in the big window in front of me.
so here is where i am going:

i should be somewhere up in the upper part (north?)
and this is who i am looking for:

so if you see her, tell her to check her email so she'll know i'm in country.


Jane Says said...

you are almost there! wait - you probably ARE there now! post pictures as soon as you can!

jrm said...

i am here.

and it is cooler than the pictures. gotta go catch a train. more later.