Monday, April 07, 2008

(notes on) preparations

so i just got an email this morning saying that my visa was mailed out at 10:23 am. which means i could be going on wednesday afterall... which leaves me in a situation cause i already told jenni i would be coming next wednesday. so looking at this, i gotta consider whether to go now or next week.

top 5 reasons to leave next wednesday the 16th.
1. jenni has already changed her schedule multiple times cause of me. (i think i am ruining her trip before i even get there.)
2. i aint ready. (i blew off this weekend thinking i had more time)
3. i can go to quiz night this thursday and watch surivivor
4. i aint ready. (taxes, assessments for work, fixing my car, laundry)
5. i aint ready. (i also need to get my meds, lightweight clothes, imodium ad)

top 5 reasons to leave this wednesday the 9th
1. gray mornings in seattle
2. brooke needs me to hurry back so i can vote for her.
3. i will miss just one episode of LOST if i leave this week
4. the temp in india is rising to unbelivably hot levels. get-there-while-you-can kinda thing
5. my work already switched the city audit to accommodate my schedule, and i think they'd rather i got back in time for it.



Jane Says said...

leave this wednesday - you can do it!

stacer said...

If you do leave this Wed., have fun! It'll be like a month before we can catch up in person, and who knows where I'll be by then.

But yes, go now while the getting is good, if you can. I would.

ewesa said...

go. be free now. escape grey. push your ankle to the limit. Live!! (really I just vote for this week so the stories can come rolling in from India earlier for my own selfish entertainment. and I think jenni would like you there asap!)

Ben & Mandy said...

Survivor... Joseph... you can't miss Survivor! And Brooke... what will she do without you!

Guhn said...
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Kelsey said...

Don't forget you can watch Lost online when you get back if you do go next week!