Sunday, April 13, 2008

jama masid

i spent a good part of the day at jama masid, india's largest mosque that was also built under the rule of shah jahan, the force behind the taj mahal. the tower to the left is open for visitors, so i ventured up as the sun was going down.

before going up the tower, i spent some time learning basics about islam, which i know nothing about. this is part of the ten laws (or atleast as i was told by one of the students at the mosque) where adherents must wash before prayer. but more on this later.

this kid kept asking for his picture to be taken. this is his best. another nice thing about digital: one can afford to waste pictures.

i almost got pushed off into the shaft for the staircase by a big indian man. they need to do a better job about regulating the number of people up there at once, cause i had no room to stand.

anyway, a good representation of the expansiveness of delhi.


Kelsey said...

Maybe you need to loose some weight Joseph. LOL I'm glad you didn't fall!

Ann said...

The little Indian boy is so cute. Seth and I were attacked by a little 3-yr old girl in Belize that wanted us to keep taking pictures of her while we were doing laundry. I hope this boy didn't do the same. Are you going to see any beaches while you're there? One of our company's Inidan reps was out here a few months ago and he told me they have the most beautiful beaches in India. So, you must confirm.

jrm said...

ann, i am sad to say, i won't see any beaches while here in india. but goa is the one everyone talks about, and i hear its really nice. we will only be inland on this trip (unless i count the riverbank of the ganges) hahaha.

but the boy wanting pictures was fine, although after posing for several shots, he did ask for money after. (to which i smiled and walked on.)

kelsey, i do need to lose weight. but he needs to lose more weight than me. really. it was scary. i could've died. (did you look at the height of that tower?)

Tysha & Jacob said...

Thanks for blogging so much for us! I can hardly wait to hear about your adventures!


Awwww, Joseph, couldn't you have give than chid at least a shiny quarter?