Thursday, April 17, 2008

leaving delhi

i met up with jenni on tuesday morning, and we toured around delhi before leaving for jaipur. i was on a rickshaw to the train station when i saw her walking down the street; i called out to to get her attention - and then we went down to check on tickets. but its kinda weird, because even though our meeting wasn't random, when you are so far away from home, it still feels random to see somebody you recognize in such a different place. but we made haste with our day, and spent some time learning more about gandhi at his museum, before heading back to jama masjid so jenni could climb the tower.

this is a view from the train station area. go down the street to the left of this group of buildings, and you'll find the hotel where i stayed, hotel vishal. this isn't necessarily a recommendation for the room, but for the eatery up top. (jenni is the one that sent me there, and it was good.)

so jaipur is interesting, but i need more space and time to explain why. but as we were told by aly, "anything is possible in india." and here, walking down a city street, is proof:

and here is proof that jenni and i actually did meet up, and we were hijacked by some rickshaw drivers and driven all over town till we got to this really good restaurant. food just isn't as good in america. i don't know why. and my pictures are getting smaller cause this computer is getting slower.

so i think i will let jenni explain the mishaps of jaipur; i will accept some responsibility for the whole mess, but ultimately responsibility lies with the scammers, and the rickshaw driver that chased me from the street and up to my hotel room. (i was knocking on the door with quick punctuated taps for jenni to open up and let me in before i was accosted further.) and so all we could do at the end of yesterday was just laugh about it, and buy tickets for another town down the road. and that we did.

and above is a scene from jaipur, the pink city. may it rest in peace, and may tourists and visitors be aware of the dangers that lie therein. but we are enjoying the scene here in our new town: ajmer. we may stay here a couple of days - the town is small, the streets are narrow, the hotel is cheap, the food is great, and people are friendly. in fact, the guy in the internet cafe where we're at presently just offered to burn me a cd of hindi pop music. aint nothing better than that.

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