Monday, April 21, 2008

a postscript (i hit a dog)

jenni and i are on our way up north to the golden temple (a sikh temple) and somewhere else after that. pushkar was tough with being ill and all.

but as a postscript to the blind-left-eye-rickshaw-driver experience, i need to say a couple words about how difficult it can be to navigate the streets of india. jenni and i were at the travel agent, and i'd forgotten my passport, so they loaned me a bicycle to go retrieve it from the hotel. so i headed off, and i wasn't even going very fast... but i could barely go 10 feet without almost hitting someone or something. it was like one of those racing video games - with random objects popping up outa nowhere to test your reflexes. and then i finally hit a dog - it jumped out of my way with a yap! yap! yap! and i instantly felt so much more appreciation for my blind-left-eye rickshaw driver. i couldn't help but hit a dog when i was going a quarter of the speed and with both eyes... well, i resorted to the only thing i knew: i just starting hollering a resolute "whooooooooh! whoooooooh!" to warn to all the pedestrians on the street, and eventually i made it back safe... and now we are on our way north. hoping for a little cooler weather and a little less bacteria in my food.


Ann said...

So I guess you're not going to move to India and work as a rickshaw driver? Poor little doggie.

Jane Says said...

ok -whew. i was a little worried you were going to write that you killed the dog and then ate it! glad you are having a good time and keep up the excellent pics -they will go in the new house!!!

jrm said...

ha ha ann. no i will not be a rickshaw driver. i wouldn't even own a car here. its scary.

jane - i refrained from eating dogs on this trip. i am trying to quit. but i did eat indian pizza, and that was bad enough. did you find a place?


OMG! I am just now reading this & am horrified by your comment about eating dogs. What do you mean you are trying to "quit?" I am literally shaking right now. OMG.