Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the tree of life

ben said, "you gotta see it in the theatre - if you watch it on dvd, you'll get distracted."
i say, "see it in the theatre more than one time."  i'm going again on next tuesday to see the best movie of the year; in fact, why don't they just hold the academy awards tonight? and then they could give all the awards to this one right here:

but i should give you a word of caution: this movie aint for everyone; it aint like nothing you ever seen before.  i hear that some people have gotten up and left the theatre, thinking that the movie is more like some preview that never ended.  read moira's review and you'll see what i mean.

so meet me at the egyptian on capitol hill at 8:00 pm if you're fixing to come watch it on tuesday.  show starts at 8:15. see yall there. 


Lovely L said...

Are you for real liking this movie? This is kind of funny.

jrm said...

Are for real making this comment? That is kind of funny. come on Tuesday, seriously.


Wow, Brad Pitt & Sean Penn. Looks pretty intriguing to me. Hey, my new laptop has DVD player. I could get Netflix!! Watched my precious "Ginger" video yesterday for first time in over a year. I also have webcam! Do ya wanna Skype? :D