Wednesday, July 13, 2011

russell is asian

dear you-know-who-you-are:
this really aint important, but seriously... how could you watch the whole movie and not know that russell is asian. i realize that his race is not a part of the plot, but seriously... i mean, i know that he is a cartoon and that all cartoons look alike, but seriously? and they even show his mom at the end, and she ain't got a baseball cap like russell to cover up her asian-ness...and plus, you said it was one of your favorite movies? seriously...

but i need to reiterate: i know it aint all that important (other than it's pixar's first asian casting in a leading role; see wikipedia for that one,) but it is kinda important for jordan nagai, a japanese american, and the child voice actor for russell... and what's more, you wouldn't even believe me when i told you, so you had to text message your friend that works at pixar??? (but i gotta admit - that is pretty cool that you know someone who works at pixar. i only know folks who are out of work mostly.)

well, anyway... here is a picture of a kid who clearly knew that russell was and ever will be asian:


stacer said...

Of course he's Asian. I love Russell. And what a cute picture at the end there!

Jenny N said...

HEY! Maybe I just look so far beyond color and race. Maybe I just see the person. Maybe that is why I didn't realize Russell was Asian.


jrm said...

jenny? what makes you think this post was addressed to you?