Wednesday, July 20, 2011

66 minutes of summer


so seattle is making me mad. i wait all year for july, and then it gets here and all we get is 66 minutes of temperatures above 80 degrees, and only 19 hours of temps above 75 degrees. it just aint right... ima file a law suit.  and everywhere else is getting 100 degree temps!  wow. thanks alena for making me aware of how miserable this summer is turning out to be.

does any of yall wanna go to Laos for the summer?


Anonymous said...

Oh Joseph, you crack me up! Hopefully you'll get some better weather in August. And I love that southern talk you still carry around with you.

Chandra said...

The article I just read said 78 minutes! It's 98 and humid here :)


The icecream truck melted on the street outside my apartment window earlier today. (I have a photo to prove it, lol). It's too hot to live in Louisiana! How did the Louisiana Purchase ever happen? Oh, I guess it wasn't quite as hot back then without all the greenhouse gases (euphemism for man's contributions to global warming) :D

jrm said...

thanks shelby - i gotta write like this since my accent checked out once i got off the plane at seatac airport!

chandra, i corrected this just for you...

notso, don't blame's all those cows farting