Thursday, March 10, 2011

vietnamese sandwich wars

seriously... this is really getting out of control. this seattle times writer published a piece in february naming seattle deli and yeh yehs in lynnwood as the best vietnamese sandwich in the pacific northwest. then she asked for readers' opionions, to which she got some tips from seattle readers. she published her follow-up article in last friday's paper.

the second article really should be entitled: i apologize. i was wrong. i was stupid. i am white. yeh yehs and whatever else she thought was so amazing up in edmonds is not the best place to get viet sandwiches - but tonys and tammys in SEATTLE. (which, if anyone had asked me, i woulda told them "tonys and tammys in seattle." in fact, those two shops should get married already... their child would clearly be the best sandwich ever.

see the significant shift in her second article. the piece is brimming over with a conciliatory and repentant tone.

also, if you do go over there to tonys or tammys - get your grilled pork sandwich with egg. its the best thing ever. and if you go, let me know... i'll join you on my lunch break.

links to the two articles:


D said...

Dude, I've been craving these for weeks. Send me some.

jrm said...

bhet! you can't tell me they don't have khaochii pate in your neck of the woods! merceds gotta have them! they're all over the place here!!! hahaha!

BDUB said...

I want to go to there!