Thursday, March 24, 2011

banh mi battle

ok, so i know yall have heard a lot from me on this lately, but here's one more. also, i've been doing an informal survey on the best banh mi in seattle. i will be presenting the results here in not too long. but for now, look at this website's attempt to solve this age-old dilemma: where is the best vietnamese sandwich?

thanks jacob for this link.


EB said...

This is such a Mexican think look it ups as "bolillo" and yes we have the best sandwiches ever we call them torta.

jrm said...

uh.... ok. well, my next post will be torta battle. but until then, lets get back to the banh mi. you were in seattle - didn't you ever have one??? not that same as a torta. i've had a torta, and a torta is no banh mi. (but tortas are good too.)


I love the mountain of bread. Just call me "carb girl." :D