Thursday, March 03, 2011

mailing the race card

sometimes racism can send you to jail for a year (and 1 day.) republican, tan nguyen, in his 2006 campaign against democrat incumbent loretta sanchez, arranged for spanish language flyers to be mailed to the homes of registered voters with latino surnames threatening that immigrants could go to jail for voting in the usa, and that they might end up in prison. then he lied to investigators about it. well, clearly his claims are not true: it depends on one's immigration status... and i don't want to make any assumptions here, but mr. nguyen is possibly an immigrant himself? so maybe he shoulda mailed the flyer to his own home, and he might have saved himself a year (and 1 day) in jail.

here is the link:
thanks wl for this - good lookin out.


somchai said...

It was the coverup that got him

jrm said...

yep. i heard he was mumbling "out out damn spot" as they drug him away to prison.


Saw Loretta Sanchez on MSNBC today. She rocks. Wish she was my congresswoman. I think she's been in the House at least 10 yrs now so that would make her a 5-termer.