Wednesday, January 03, 2007

what white people do for fun

a certain family (that will remain nameless unless you can read really small print: the toblers) gets together every other year in florida for christmas, and they come up with some amazingly creative competitions for their five sons (four sons this time around - jake, the youngest is off in canada?? i think.) - and this year aint no exception:
a drive-by shooting contest
(or also known as: what white people won't do to get that warm and fuzzy feeling of growing up in inner-city america).
limited editorializing needed...

here comes the bullets...

run forest. run.

someone should tell jeff not to look back when they're after you. (this is clearly his first time).

"a direct hit"

thanks to amy for these photos that i am posting without her written consent (or verbal for that matter...)

yall are awesome. wish i coulda been there.



Is this Chad's family????

jrm said...

i cannot answer that question... read the small print.