Thursday, January 04, 2007

the polynesian cultural center

this is ivona's nephew, byron, up in the coconut tree. he's really high up there, but my zoom don't portray that too well.
at the new zealand village, throwing sticks at each other.

tom and jenni stopped in to say hi.

"i wanted to play the drum," said tom.


ewesa said...

THERE he is. and jenni too! it's nice to know they made it, I'm going to tell my family about this video, tom will hate that. heh heh heh.

jrm said...

hey there! yeah, boston threatened me with some sorta retaliation if i put this on my blog, but i decided to risk it anyway.

share it with the world. everyone needs to see how much fun it is to get humiliated at the tongan villiage at the pcc.