Tuesday, February 28, 2012

this post is not about jeremy lin

i got a text message from a friend in boston a few weeks back asking me if i'd heard of this kid from harvard named jeremy lin - that he is playing for the knicks and posting up some amazing stats. and i replied, "i work for an agency that is almost 100% asian; he is all i've heard about."

but i will not do a post about jeremy. i think he is getting a little worn out on all the attention. so i won't post on his amazing start in the nba, or his actually pretty funny youtube videos. i won't mention all the racist comments (what is wrong with you espn people?) especially the taunts when he played for harvard. and i'm not gonna review all the funny little puns made out of jeremy's last name. i'm not writing about his attempts to get into stanford or the pressure he got from his family to get a real job. i won't even go into his christianity, and i won't even talk about all the press he's received, (even the new entertainment weekly has a 1 page article about him), or the pride that asian americans feel inside when watching him play. and i definitely won't post a bunch of links to a bunch of articles about him.

nope. this blog is about Laos afterall. so once again, this is not a post about jermey lin.

but here is a pretty good article i found:


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