Friday, February 10, 2012

debbie spenditnow racist superbowl commercial

this mess aired in michigan during the superbow, and this here is some crazy. where do they get these people to run for public office? does he really think this is okay? and here is the kicker (superbowl pun intended): the girl that is supposed to be speaking with an asian accent here & her attempt at the accent is really bad. she clearly is american; she keeps slipping out of her fake asian accent. what are her friends saying about her on facebook - if they didn't unfriend her already. and what's up with all the weird colors? is that supposed to be bali hai?  i swear, richard and oscar should sue this guy for copyright infringement.

wow. once more, say it together: wow. and whatever you do michigan, don't vote for this goon.

thank you alena for making me so painfully aware of this mess.


S Soumphonephakdy said...

I understand his point but he should have expressed it in a different way. Only a complete idiot would think that this was okay.

Jenny N said...

Bali Hai - HA! I sent Alena this video since it is similarly ridiculous.

jrm said...

s - exactly. it's pretty funny that this ended up being one of the "take-away" commercials of the superbowl.

jenny - that guy is a weirdo. i'd never heard of him; seriously, did he really say that "my wife is korean" line? did you see the other one with his kid playing basketball? i guess he lost pretty quick - his ads didn't help none.


The actress in the political ad (Lisa Chan) issued a sincere apology. She is a graduate of UC-Berkely. This ad helped the Dem senator running for re-election. She was already ahead but is now way ahead of the idiot who ran this ad.