Wednesday, December 07, 2011

hell yeah

woo hoo! this is the best thing ever. finally an easy to follow recipe for the best Lao dish ever: tammakhoung. and yes, she does use padek! Jai Lao padek to be exact. buy your padek on the Jai Lao website! anyways, this makes me very happy. and la is funny too; juicy papaya salad means your husband loves you hahahahahahaha!

hell yes.


Janet said...

Violet and I enjoyed watching this meal be prepared. Maybe you can prepare it for us at our next gathering!!!! The Curry is still a hit in our home.


A much-used kitchen is not an "abused" kitchen!! Now my kitchen qualifies as abused...without microwave & electric can opener, I would starve!!! I actually managed to watch the entire video even though my eyes glazed over. I was not meant to cook. :P

Anonymous said...

Could the concept of much-used kitchen be used for your wife?

And also if thats the easy way, whats the hard way?

jrm said...

hahaha! stay tuned, she is gonna post another how-to video soon! and as for that third comment, i know who you are and where you live (approximately) ... weirdo.

Anonymous said...

ohhh do you???


My captcha word was SMEGMA ewwwww