Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday monk

my friend, kone, sent me this picture he took while shopping at 4 am this morning. he included the caption: black friday is for everyone! yup, even the monks know when to get in on the action.

hope yall got everything yall wanted this year. black friday is my favorite holiday - the one holiday that hasn't lost its true meaning.


Rach and Clark said...

hahaha, it's SO true that Black Friday is the one holiday that hasn't lost its true meaning! Sheesh. I hope that at the next Tobler gathering in Washington (which may never happen again) that I get to meet you. Your blog never ceases to crack me up. And intrigue me, too.

jrm said...

thanks rachel! and i will surely turn up at one of the tobler gatherings again, although the chances of that happening here are slim to none at this point. everybody left! and your blog is awesome. way better than the other tobler blogs. hahaha! kidding - kind of.