Monday, August 02, 2010

copy and paste: the battle of the kao chii pate

this american life is awesome. this episode (412: million dollar idea) features a bit on vietnamese sandwiches - well, more than just vietnamese sandwiches: but of the theft of a recipe, a menu, even the font of the menu! this is as bad as the theft of rosalind franklin's dna.

well, "stop talking about the past", and listen to this broadcast - even if you just listen to the first 8 minutes. thanks ben for making me aware of this. see link below:


Kees Sprengers said...

Don't know where else to put this, can't find a 'contact' link.

You maybe interested in looking at

which has 3 recipes for padaek!

jrm said...

thanks for the comment, and check out my new blog post - it's all about yall's new cookbook! i am excited to have a go at it!