Monday, August 16, 2010

black dahlias: rotting bulbs in the hmong flower fields

this is from the front page of today's seattle times about the difficult summer for the hmong flower farmers due to an overly wet may and june. see the link below.

i was down at pike place market a few weekends back when my folks were in town visiting from louisiana, and i bought a small bouquet of flowers for my stepmom - well, actually, i didn't have any cash, so i got the money off my brother who was visiting from germany. i can't really tell one flower from another, but they looked pretty nice. anyway, the hmong have been selling flowers at pike place market ever since i got to seattle, so i try to get some every so often when i got people in town. anyway, if you get the chance, pick up some flowers when you take your next trip down there.

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