Wednesday, March 17, 2010

vang vieng part 3

i know i am beating a dead horse here, but just one more on the tragedy that is vang vieng. i especially appreciate the article's quotations from brett dakin, the author of "another quiet american." (a good book if you haven't read it yet. he tells of his experience interning at a government agency in Laos.)

here is the link to the article:

also one of the comments by a reader is interesting as well. in reference to the uxo that litters Laos's countryside, one reader says, "Naked bodies never blew arms and legs off of children. They need to get their priorities correct. The real obscenities lay hidden under the ground!"

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Lauren said...

And you gotta love the fact that the person who left the comment goes by "Dr Undies." Apparently our physical well-being (ie. UXO) is more important than our soul (or spiritual well-being).