Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the mystery of zomia

i like to think i know everything, but i can't say i've ever heard the term "zomia" before. but it's even got a link on wikipedia, so i guess it's for real. has anyone else heard this term before? apparently it refers to the mountainous regions of southeast asia that are beyond government control and influence.

anyway, here is a link to a boston globe article about it- and it's review of a book i haven't read yet, but maybe i'll send away for it from amazon. but i love the subtitle of the review: in the lawless mountain realms of asia, a yale professor finds a case against civilization. maybe we all should read it and get educated together, because one more case against civilization may be all i need to put me over... go all chris mccandless out here.


somchai said...

I read the link to review in Boston Globe last night and found it more revealing than Amazon. Still would like to read the book itself.

Never heard of Zomia but certainly familiar with concept.

Don't know for how much longer. Already pressure to integrate from central governments as well as foreign NGOs.

jrm said...

i agree. i am going to order the book this week. this is really a fascinating idea, especially in that it conflicts so much with the values and ideals of modernity. i will write more after i get the book!