Friday, November 21, 2008

gran torino

so it was only a matter of time till i wrote this post. clint eastwood (who, unlike charton heston, may he r.i.p, has only become cooler with age) is coming out with this movie called gran torino. see link to imdb below.

and the movie is about a bitter old korean war vet (clint eastwood himself... why couldn't charlton heston keep doing cool roles in movies instead of that wacko nra mess?) forms an unlikely friendship with a hmong gangster who tried to steal his gran torino. (btw, i think its cool that they named a car after a clint eastwood movie.)

but the coolest thing of all: unlike memoirs of a geisha which used an almost 100% chinese cast to portray japanese characters, eastwood has populated his film about hmong kids with none else but hmong kids. what an idea.

so out with the natalie woods (the whitie puerto rican in west side story) and david carradine (white dude in yellow face in kung fu) and in with a clint eastwood movie that finally does it right. and of course i aint seen the movie yet, so i can't say if its any good, but it's clint eastwood - so of course it's good.

due out sometime in december. also... stay tuned to my blog for future posts on the Lao American documentary, "the betrayal."

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Me said...

I've been looking forward to this one for a while now, can't wait!