Sunday, July 06, 2008

fresno is the center of everything

i am in fresno california, the center of everything. and here are some pictures to prove it.

seattle's got its share of small asian markets, but vietwah and uijimaya dominate with their overpriced produce and slighty uppity selection. whereas this feels like talat sao in viengchan, although indoors. also, i enjoy walking up and down the ailses hearing Lao, hmong, (and Kalome) spoken freely.

and also, i was able to go get some khaopoun at the store (and the restaraunt sells it too) and that just aint gonna happen in seattle. i either have to bribe somebody to make it for me or try to make it myself. and that never works out so well. so i aint moving up here or nothing, but its hard not think about it. here they got food, stores, sun, khaopoun - and 1 out of 3 homes have padek in their cupboards. (that is only an approximation and is not to be quoted for academic research articles.)

chanh is eating khaopoun - at first everyone said they wanted pho, but once you get khaopoun in the house, everybody wants some. ha!

and this is a donut shop that i remember from 1992. we even ate in there on one occasion. i don't remember if it was good, but it couldn't be that bad if its still open.

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Um, whatever is in that bowl does not look very appetizing. Oh well. Is that a Winchell's Donut house? Boy would I love to have a Winchell's donut right now. I still remember the jingle from the 70's: "A Winchells donut really really does it...Donuts!" (sorry, my brain is chock-full of useless memories).
I want to go to California sooo bad. But not Fresno.