Monday, November 12, 2007

who are the people in your neighborhood

so if you thought you were in the city with the most percentage of Lao people, you might be wrong. cause you didn't think consider there are some towns out there (like venus, texas) with only 910 residents to begin with. so look at this website to plan your next move (or your next vacation.) it would be sad to move somewhere with no Lao people at all. where would you get your padek?

top 101 cities with most residents born in Laos

and many thanks to katie, my social-worker-turned-librarian friend, for sending me this link.

for the whole website look at


stacer said...

Wow, Cherry Valley, IL is #21? That's something I didn't expect. My grandpa grew up in Cherry Valley--it's out in the middle of relative nowhere, just outside Rockford, about an hour or two west of Chicago. That's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Well bear in mind that many ethnicities born in Laos don't eat padek, like Thai Lu, and most of what we call Lao Seung, (Akha, Homng and so on). And you might well arrive in a town thinking you could eat padek, and slurp foe and you'd be left high and dry. Didn't mean to rain on the parade.

Nice photo. Looks like a show and tell of one of those big sat and koke things to husk rice.


jrm said...

c'mon now somchai, are you sure??? i can't speak for the akha, but even though hmong, mien and lue don't traditionally eat padek, (they eat nam pou more) you would be hard pressed to find a house that didn't have a jar of padek in their cupboard!

(i just called by kalom friend to verify.)

but keep the dialogue going!